Securing Your Digital Transformation


In recent years, there has been a surge in cybercriminal activity. With these high levels of activity, it has never been more crucial for organizations to foster a robust cybersecurity culture. In addition, current economic and geopolitical developments have aggravated concerns surrounding cyber-attacks and elevated the urgency for business to bolster their defenses and continuously monitor for emerging threats.

The cloud is where innovation thrives, and your business grows. It is estimated that over 60% of the world's critical business data now lives in the cloud, so it is no surprise that cloud operations are increasingly targeted by threat actors. The challenge comes to this: how do we secure our cloud-enabled businesses without impeding innovation? After all, no one chose the cloud to slow down.

 “Innovation is key and we have to move fast. We look at security as a way to actually increase that speed, and SentinelOne has been an outstanding partner. We have leaned in and deployed across our environments: whether Azure, AWS or our own private data centers, I can choose which of our cloud environments and distributed workloads, and SentinelOne is there in all of them.”  

Lou Senko, Chief Availability Officer, Q2 Holdings

From build time to runtime, a successful cloud security strategy consists of multiple security layers working in concert to accelerate innovation while simultaneously securing operations across servers, VMs, containers, and Kubernetes clusters. That’s easy to say, but more difficult to realize, unless you have the right partner in your corner. SentinelOne understands these challenges. We work side-by-side with many of the world’s most iconic brands, to protect, detect, and respond to runtime threats, continuously, in real-time, to keep their innovation engine firing on all cylinders.

Whether your cloud workloads are running in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or even your own private data center, our AI-powered cloud workload protection (CWPP) agent works alongside your other cloud security controls to detect and stop what they cannot: runtime threats like cloud ransomware, zero-day exploits, and memory-based attacks.

As cloud-natives ourselves, we appreciate the integral roles which automation, speed, and efficiency play in hybrid cloud infrastructure. Our unique CWPP architecture is optimized for superior security performance, low overhead, and operational stability. By harnessing the power of AI and through the judicious use of automation, we help hybrid cloud customers around the globe streamline incident response, improve risk management, and maximize workload resilience.

Cyber threats continue to increase in both number and sophistication, so it is vital organizations of all sizes make it as difficult as possible for attackers to breach their defenses. In practice, this doesn’t just mean adopting best-in-class solutions, it means using these solutions as part of a holistic cybersecurity culture, where employees are educated in the threats they could face, and where operational processes are geared up to withstand and react to attacks. Hoping that a business won’t be targeted is no longer an effective strategy.

SentinelOne is the first security AI platform to protect the entire enterprise. Let us show you how working with SentinelOne can help you find your stride and unlock business value within your digital transformation.

SentinelOne is a global leader in AI security. SentinelOne’s Singularity™ Platform detects, prevents, and responds to cyber attacks at machine speed, empowering organizations to secure endpoints, cloud workloads, containers, identities, and mobile and network-connected devices with speed, accuracy, and simplicity. Over 11,000 customers, including Fortune 10, Fortune 500, and Global 2000 companies, as well as prominent governments, trust SentinelOne to secure the future today. To learn more, visit